Missy Giorgi - 22 - MI
I am a giggly, goobery, artsy fartsy, nerdy, doe eyed musician / flower child / vixen. I like impromptu adventures in the wild and dancing around in my undies to upbeat tunes when no one is home while pretending I’m a DJ. I love new friends!



i hate when guys say shit like “why would you cut your hair? guys dont like girls with  short hair” thats like watching someone else make a sandwich for their self and saying “why are you putting tomatoes in it? i dont like tomatoes”


how can i say all of this inside me ?
it stirs in my stomach and imprints scars into my bones
its like all stitched into my skin.

as if somethings missing. an unknown longing
and it gets to my mouth and tangles and its choking
but maybe its just the knowing
and the body’s own plan
even if i could speak these words
they would never understand

Anonymous asked
missy i love u

yay at least someone does wewp

Anonymous asked
whats your fav subgenre of edm

Glitch. Experimental. Ambient. Low dub. Happy hardcore. Dnb. Witchhouse. Idfk depends on my mood. Trap is alright. Dubstep is sooo hit or miss for me. Usually miss lol Im head over heels for the glitch mob. And eskmo. Nfi what eskmo is considered. Crystal castles used to be my favorite but i’m kinda over them at this point. Purity ring too. I dunno I pretty much like all music

Anonymous asked
do you like trap musik

Its alright


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